Progress Report on My Journey To Skin Health With ZO Skin Centre

Skin Health, by Dr. Obagi’s definition, refers to skin that is naturally smooth, strong, firm, even-toned, hydrated and free of disease.

Four months ago I began my own journey to skin health with the ZO Skin Centre in Fashion Island. Under Dr. Aaron Kosins expertise I began a regime that would transform my skin in a way that I did not know was possible. Not only am I completely blown away by my results so far (I still have two months to go) I am now a dedicated ZO lifer.  Every single day I receive comments on my complexion. My skin is now so radiant in its natural state that I have not worn foundation in months.  Skin Health is possible for all skin young and old.  Stop wasting your money at Department and Beauty Supply for pretty packing on products that simply don't work.  Forget the IPL's that only help temporarily and get to the root of your skin struggles with real science that provides real results.  Dr. Obagi is a wold renowned Dermatologist for a reason. We are the ones lucky enough to have in our own backyard.  ZO Skin Centres landmark store is right in Newport and is forever changing the way skin care is done.  Schedule an appt today with Dr. Aaron Kosin or the man Dr. Obagi himself and watch your skin transform  949.234.7570

BEFORE: APRIL 25, 2015 BARE FACED (Sans Eye Lashes and gloss) NO FILTERS. NO RETOUCHING.  Don't mind the unflattering angle and ridiculous bobbi pin used to hold my bangs for photo. 

ZO Centre

Current Progress: July 15, 2015 - BARE FACED, except for sunscreen giving me that tad pinkish white look.  NO FILTERS. NO RETOUCHING. You can see that the Melasma is gone and my skin is smoother and stronger.  Usually in the midsummer my face is marked with tons of melasma and is dry.  So grateful that this is not the case anymore. 

ZO Skin

I cannot wait to show you all the final results. Dr. Kosins has said that I will see a full skin transformation at 6 months.  My regimen has been intense, as I do use 5 products in the am and 6 in the evening, but the results are so worth it.  After the 6 months he will place me on  a maintenance program that will allow me to maintain the results I just worked to achieve.  

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