Dr. Aaron Kosins

Makeover May Part 1 - My Journey to Skin Health


*From Left:Dr. Aaron Kosins,Dr. Zein Obagi, me,and my husband Seth. 

Makeover May is beginning with my journey to "skin health", a new concept introduced to me by world renowned Dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi. I was recently invited to a luncheon with Dr. Obagi to announce the opening of his newest endeavor, the ZO Skin Centre in Newport Beach.* At the luncheon, Dr. Obagi gave a very intriguing lecture on skin health.  His straight forward explanations made so much sense, yet also went against most everything I take as fact when it comes to caring for my skin. For example...

-- Lotion is bad for me?

-- Skin cells can be lazy? 

-- Everyone can enjoy clear, firm, even-toned, healthy skin? Everyone...really?

The Dr.'s enthusiasm, confidence, and reputation as a pioneer in his field compelled me to consider his arguments. Plus, if he really can do what he claims, then I'll be a life-long patient! Well as it turns out, the Obagi team graciously gave me the opportunity to receive a skin consultation with Co-Owner and Managing Physician, Dr. Aaron Kosins who prescribed a course of treatment to begin restoring my skin back to health.

I am just now wrapping up my first week of treatment (see below) and I AM  TOTALLY AMAZED at the difference I've already seen. Seriously. The Dr. warned me that my face would get red and peel for at least the first month, (oh yes...there have been some scary face moments). He said I would probably hate it, but to hang in there because in about 6 weeks my skin should see a 95% improvement. I am one week in and my face is a bit red, definitely peeling, but I no longer need foundation. Let me repeat...I don't need foundation! My stubborn melasma spots on my cheeks are fading, and honestly, the new youthful skin emerging is already making me look years younger. Even my husband keeps commenting at how he cannot believe the results we are seeing.  Definitely stay with me as I continue to post on this fun journey! I have a feeling that we might be onto something here... 


Problem: In addition to battling the typical signs of aging, I have had a  constant battle with melasma. I have tried every laser, oil, serum, and lotion I can get my hands on to try to keep the pesky brown spots away... yet they persist.

Course of Action: Dr. Kosins prescribed me with an aggressive treatment plan that I will need to do only once. After that I will continue on with what they call a maintenance plan until my melasma (which I learned is a skin disease) reappears at which point I will simply make a couple of adjustments to my maintenance plan for four weeks to get my skin back under control. Simple enough, right?


*ZO Skin Centre is a revolutionary new skin care store that will offer a full service medical clinic offering personalized treatment using proven products, medical expertise, and education for anyone seeking to find healthier more youthful skin.