Thank you so much for stopping by Of Beauty & Grace.  My name is Vanessa Ebel and I hope that Of Beauty & Grace becomes a source of inspiration to help you live a more beautiful life.

I am a fashion stylist who was born and raised in a small beach town on the golden coast of California. Growing up surrounded by such incredible natural beauty has given me a deep appreciation and love for aesthetics.  I have always been moved by texture, light, and color and have found that fashion allows me the ability to play with these elements on a daily basis.

I love beauty! But even more essentially I am a woman shaped by the grace of God. I am deeply grateful for everyday that I am given life and as Elsie De Wolfe best said, "I am going to make everything around me beautiful.  That will be my life."

Will you join me in this pursuit Of Beauty & Grace? I cannot wait to see what we discover together!